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Annie - San Francisco, CA

I don't live-blog from the tents.

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What makes you so poetic & chic anyways?


Poetic and Chic is an online magazine featuring fashion, trends, art, culture, crafts, ideas...whatever is inspiring me at the moment. Whatever is keeping my hands and mind busy.

I have degrees in art & English, and studied fashion design after college. I worked in luxury fashion for five years in the corporate offices of Louis Vuitton North America. I then moved into home design and product while working for Williams-Sonoma Inc. for two years. All of this experience has given me a deeply-held love of good products, craftsmanship, design, and business.

I now work on my own as a freelance consultant through my company, Pointed Letters Creative.

I began Poetic & Chic in 2006 and it's been an amazing project for these past few years, introducing me to new opportunities, friends, and inspirations. Then, as today, my original maxim holds true: you don't need to spend a cartload of money to be Poetic & Chic - you just need to be genuine, creative, and full of fun.

Where'd you get the name "poetic and chic"?

I have a postcard from the SFMOMA that has one of my favorite Jenny Holzer Truisms: "In a dream you saw a way to survive and you were full of joy."

The title of "Poetic & Chic" popped into my mind just as I was drifting off to sleep one night. I couldn't get that song "One" from A Chorus Line out of my head: "She walks into a room and you know she's uncommonly rare, very unique, peripatetic, poetic, and chic..." Since no one really knows what peripatetic means, I decided to go with "Poetic & Chic". 

(Peripatetic: Walking or travelling about. Of or pertaining to Aristotle, or the Aristotelian school of philosophy, who taught philosophy while walking in the Lyceum in ancient Athens.)

How did you learn all of this stuff?

Well, as I said, I did go to some very good schools at great expense. However, the best learning comes from the University of Life - even the jobs that require the most drudgery usually result in the best learning. Also, it runs in the blood: my mother is quite possibly the most creative aesthete that ever lived, while my grandmothers were both crafty gals and excellent in the kitchen. I even had an aunt who was an Haute Couture buyer for a department store in the 1930s & 1940s!

Yes, I come from a long line of charming and stylish women and I'm simply holding up the family tradition.  

So why aren't you in New York or somewhere more, I don't know, fashionable?

I'm a fourth-generation San Franciscan, and there's nothing I love more than the sound of foghorns and cable cars. Also, I live in a neighborhood where I can hop on my bicycle, ride across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Marin County within about fifteen minutes. Can you do that in midtown Manhattan?

It's not like San Francisco is some fashion black hole, either. We have lots of independent design, boutiques, and publications that keep the city buzzing creatively. I am proud to contribute in any way I can. 

In fact, I do contribute via my line of jackets and accessories crafted from vintage cotton barkcloth called Sourdough. The perfect name for a San Francisco brand if I do say so myself!