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Style Cinema SF

I have always wanted to own my own movie theatre. I'm not sure when this started, but it probably happened around the first time I went to the Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto. That theatre only plays classic Hollywood films within it's perfectly-restored Art Deco era walls. Of course, this is easy to do when you're Dave Packard (of Hewlett-Packard) and you have some money to throw around, allowing you to pick and play whichever movies you like. Too bad it isn't so simple for the rest of us.

But I've been thinking about this lately, especially as I've written about a lot of films here on Poetic & Chic. It's a big thing for me: costumes, sets, cinematography... There is hardly any other industry that depends so much upon creative design, style, and visuals to achieve its overall impact. I love seeing how all of these things come together with great writing to tell a story.

As I've shared all of this from time to time on here, I've also shared it with friends in my own home. One time, it was Catie from Cuffington who came over and watched Unzipped with me. Then, Kim from J'Adore Couture heard about this and wanted in on the action. Finally, the Alice & Isa girls thought it would be a good idea to actually do something about it and make it happen someplace (not in my living room).

So we've created Style Cinema SF. Sponsored by Alice & Isa and hosted by myself and Catie, we will be screening different films that have influenced design, fashion, and style. As we break down the sartorial and visual elements, we will also sit back and enjoy the entertainment too!

Our first screening is coming up on Thursday, October 22nd at the fabulous Velo Rouge Cafe at Arguello and McAllister streets, right near Golden Gate Park. We will be showing Sofia Coppola's opulent Marie Antoinette from 2006, which won the Oscar for Milena Canonero's costume designs. Join us for food, wine, beer, and style at the first of what we hope will be many events!

For future announcements & details, please join the Style Cinema SF Facebook fan page!

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