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Check out deeze, DISbuds!

Yet another entry to my "cheap fabulous flowers from Trader Joes" category, I purchased this bunch of disbuds well over a week ago and they're still going strong. A friend of mine came over and called them mums, and I corrected him saying "no, they're disbuds..." Well, someone slap me please becuase CLEARLY disbuds ARE a type of chrysanthemum, and I was just being a know-it-all (as can happen). In fact, I looked it up and found a great little definition on this page.

It's funny because I never really like chrysanthemums, I'm not sure why. Maybe their colors are too limited? Whatever the reason, they always seemed a little sad to me. And then I started to notice the disbuds at Trader Joe's recently. I first bought a bunch in this great acid-colored green, but this set of white ones came next.

All alone in one of my vintage pottery vases, they are absolutely spectacular. I love the crisp pointed petals, and the way they burst outward from the center, creating a fantastic graphic silhouette. Chrysanthemum-hater no more! Call me converted to deezebuds...

Reader Comments (2)

I think I'm converted pretty and fresh looking
June 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterButterfly
I love these. I think they'll satisfy both of my polar personalities, the inner carole casserole wasp wonder and inner guido with plunging neckline rhumba dance champion. These flowers give good drama!
June 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRandall

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