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Un Peu de Paris

How romantic to receive a box of colorful macaroons from Aux Désirs de Manon on one's doorstep! Yesterday I returned home to find these beauties waiting for me, flown in direct from Paris. In gratitude for taking care of Picasso the cat, my neighbor Shannon bestowed this little bit of Parisian color on my day. Such a small thing that brings so much delight!

I put the macaroons out on one of my Grandma's gold-rimmed china plates and now I feel like Marie Antoinette. They're so pretty I don't think I can eat them! Which brings more pleasure, eating the macaroons or simply looking at them?

Reader Comments (3)

While I was in Paris last November, my mother asked me to bring back colorful macaroons so she could have them out on her Thanksgiving table as decoration (and then she'd eat them, of course). The day before I was to fly home, I went to multiple pastry/chocolate shops and every time the staff was horrified that I wanted to travel with macaroons. They insisted that they little morsels wouldn't keep. They'd for sure squish and not only look ugly by the time I arrived stateside, but they'd melt into nastiness as well. So I didn't buy any. Your little treat looks so pretty!
April 18, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCarly
I will happily just absorb the yummyness present in the visualization of these macaroonies. Never tried them. But they do look tasty!
April 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMisha
Délicieux. Ce sont mes favoris

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