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What I Wore: Arm Party

Bracelets by Banana Republic, Stella & Dot, BCBG, J. Crew, and Louis Vuitton.

Yes, I agree, I am late to this party, but people have been stacking bracelets for millennia so what's the big deal? As you probably know, I am much more of a ring and necklace gal than a bracelet fanatic. I wore them all the time a few years ago, but then adapted my interest to bigger statement pieces. Also, as a writer, I find it difficult to reconcile wrist bling with a keyboard - they just don't mesh well.

In the past few months I've been noticing a lot of the blogger gals picking up this trend however, ( in real life - not just outfit posts,) and I've been slowly working my way back to bracelets. My feeling is, you can't really do all three: ring, necklace, bracelet. You need to edit to just two areas of adornment to keep things chic and eye-catching. There can't be too many different areas of focus or the whole look gets cluttered.

So, I wear my bracelets carefully, and usually only when I'm wearing another accessory that's much smaller. I mix some old ones with new ones, and try to keep them all sort of neutral - lots of browns, blacks and metallics. I'm loving the leather wrap ones - and I'm so glad I held on to my Louis Vuitton "luggage tag" bracelet from years ago...

Although still wary - the trend may be just too trendy for me - I'm enjoying the result and the "new" statement location for bling.

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