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Postcard: Alcatraz Island

I love this postcard. It's the perfect blend of vintage and spooky, while giving a fairly accurate description of the weather here at this time of year. The marine layer (aka fog) is low and thick, but every once in a while it breaks to reveal a night sky and a bright moon. In this case, the moon highlights tempers the usual menace of the Federal Penitentary known as Alcatraz Island. Alcatraz is still there, of course, and is one of the best places to visit when you come to San Francisco, but its days as a prison are long over.

There's just something so gothic and romantic about this image of The Rock. I keep thinking of how the Alcatraz inmates would say the worst part of being in prison there was its proximity to San Francisco. Depending upon the wind direction, inmates could hear Cable Car bells, music in night clubs, and sometimes smell the breads baking in North Beach or the coffee roasting on the Embarcadero. Knowing all of that was just a mile and a half away must have made the cold, shark-infested water seem worthwhile...

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The last time I was there I was probably on a field trip from high school... it's been a long time.. think it's time to make another visit. Rarely do I see a spooky vintage postcard, this is a good one!

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