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Postcard: The Fabulous Strip, Las Vegas, NV

There's no date on this postcard, but since the Bagdad Theatre at the Aladdin Casino is featuring "Minsky's Burlesque '69", it must be late 1968 or 1969. I love this look at the old strip - the one that's a mile or so further north from the one we all know these days. This was almost all Las Vegas was for a lot of years, apart from the really old joints over on Fremont Street. This is the strip just as it was getting seedy - the Rat Pack was pretty much gone, and the building boom of the late 1970s-early 1980s was a long ways off. This is the era from the movie Casino, but at least in that version Sharon Stone was there wearing a lot of Gucci.

Let's be honest, in this picture, "The Fabulous Strip" isn't looking too fabulous. Could it be because this was taken during the daytime? I always think Vegas looks a lot better at night...

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