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Bon Weekend!

The perfect sentiment for the weekend, don't you think? Available on Etsy from LoveSugar in multiple sizes.


My Favorite Blogs for Inspiration

This weird week between Christmas and New Year's is always a good time to take stock of what you value and reflect on the things you appreciate. As a blogger, I'm always intrigued by the new blog titles that I find, enjoy, and get inspired by on a daily basis. Believe me, when you read as many blogs as I do, the stand outs are really fantastic things that are worthwhile! I realize that some of these will not be so new to many of you, but I wanted to give shout outs to my consistent favorites. So, in no particular order, here is a list of blogs that tickle my visual fancy these days...

Caliber - In the first of a few local blogs, Caliber offers an amazing array of photographs from the San Francisco area (and world) that are simply astonishing. Simple, beautiful, and utterly gorgeous, I love how these moments arrest my day with a quiet moment of beauty.

SFGirlbyBay - Le Sigh. Le Smith, Victoria Smith. Every day is a beauty. Here's to a daily dose of elegance, whimsy, craft, photography, and crisp, clean, beauty.

Strawberry Lemonade - Cheers to the lovely Alexandra behind Strawberry Lemonade. Whenever I see new posts from her, I can hardly wait to see what's been done because I know it will bring a smily to my face and a rush of joy to my heart. Colorful, fun, vintage, and perfectly playful in style. It's truly a refreshing drink!

Victoria Thorne - Always a unique design challenge, not to mention beautifully erudite, this blog is full of travels, literary allusions, and fantastic adventures in antiquing and ancient visual bliss. I just hope I run into Vicki one day when I'm out shopping!

Oh Happy Day! - Yet another amazing blog from San Fran - beautifully curated and full of wonderfully creative ideas on crafts, entertaining, and styling ideas.

How About Orange - Full of playful DIY craft ideas, colorful designs, this blog is always full of fun starting points for so many projects. Editor Jessica Jones also designs a fantastic line of retro-looking fabrics that are themselves an inspiration for so many things too!

Inspiration Resource - Michelle McCormick curates this amazing and curious visual blog, full of rich textiles, random photographs, vintage finds, and amazing roundups of objects. Barely any editorial writing allows you to just simply visit and enjoy the view, which is just delightful.

This is Glamorous - A new addition to my list, this is quickly becoming a favorite for it's fabulously glittering ideas on design, display, and entertaining. The "glamorous" part of the title definitely delivers with every post, bringing you a dose of retro elegance, charm, and utter delight!

Aesthetic Outburst - Art, interiors, collections, and lots of very covetable products gather together on this blog edited by Abbey Hendrickson. This is great for a little bit of random beauty that could lead you to who-knows-what kind of idea for something wonderful.

Saipua - A blog that is so much more than just flowers, but if it were, would it be so bad? The textures, colors, blooms, and combinations are all so sumptuous and rich, despite the fact that they're usually shown in some sparse industrial setting. I just bring up a picture from Saipua and enjoy it for a few minutes whenever I can.

My Parents Were Awesome - Just in case you haven't heard about this one, it's completely amazing. The editors/curators are just fantastic - whittling down reader-submitted photos to an amazing array of hilarious candids that are stylish and heartfelt. The gathering is just a magical.

The Impossible Cool - To feed my love of old Hollywood, celebrity, and Mid-Century chic, there is The Impossible Cool. And it is exactly as the title bills itself: impossibly cool - in its editing, presentation, and simple visual statements of timeless style.

LP Cover Lover - Whimsical, hilarious, and often risqué, this blog offers a daily selection of vintage LP covers. Classic graphic styles are mixed with disturbing family and church choir recordings, and not to mention an interesting array of somewhat pornographic covers from back in the day!

Art Deco Blog - I am a big fan of all of Mariana's blogs, but this one is simply fantastic. Images from the Art Deco era are put up each day, showing a fantastic cross-section of photographs, graphic designs, cartoons, and advertisements.

Diary of a Man Out of Time - Another fun and fantastic blog that feeds my love of film. This blog has special categories like "Smokin Chicks" and "Girls with Guns" featuring outtake photographs of stars, as well as actual film stills. Many of them trigger memories of old films long forgotten, which is always a good thing.


Halloween Harlequin

Ms. P&C as HarlequinThis year for Halloween I decided to be a Harlequin. Not just any Harlequin, but one from the Commedia del'arte era - 18th century. Of course, Harlequin is actually a boy and Columbine is the girl, but over time the two have morphed into one thing here and there. I decided to go with the more modern black & white style, inspired by a little of this and a little of that.

To begin, I saw Picasso's 1905 painting "At the Lapin Agile" this month when I visited the Met in New York. I've always loved this painting, and if Thomas Crowne were to ask me which painting I should have him steal, that would be the one. It's moody, dark, but the shock of pattern on the absinthe-laden Harlequin is just amazing. It's also an early Picasso, before everything got disjointed and cubist, which I prefer.

Then, I was reminded of Truman Capote's famous Black & White ball from 1966, as well as the fantastic black & white Art Student's Ball from An American in Paris. Both are glamorous, fun, and full of graphic surprises. There was a great vintage pic from Dennison's Bogie Book from the 1920s which had a Harlequin, but in black and orange for Halloween; I also saw this fantastic book of vintage costumes which also had some fun ideas. Finally, a photograph of the Split Enz, rounds it all together.

Inspirations aside, making the outfit was another task entirely! I used the pattern I'd used a few years ago to create my Marie Antoinette costume, and recycled the fabulous white wig. But this time, I created a shorter skirt and overskirt that was full and bouncy. I also couldn't find any fabric with the diamonds on it, so I made it hand, cutting and pasting and then appliquéing them to the white satin. Yes, it took hours. To save some time, I graded the diamonds so that they were smaller on the bodice and then got progressively larger toward the hem. Even still, I went to bed the past few nights cutting and sewing diamonds in my mind's eye.

I made the mask from a basic domino, adding feathers, a few sparkly buttons, some hat netting, and finishing it with a cover of black satin. Underneath I wore black tights and some super-high black patent oxfords from Steven.

Out to some parties I went with my friend Lee, who claims to have never dressed up for Halloween before. She took to it like a duck to water though, dressing as Andy Warhol's superstar: Edie Sedgwick. In fact, I got into the cab and got a little freaked out by the resemblance.

At one party we met up with a mime, who looked really good with my costume. Then, we met up with another Edie Sedgwick before finally meeting a horrifying Un-Dead Bartender.







I'll be back again next year with something fun & homemade too! Not sure what yet, but I have a few ideas already brewing. One thing I can say for certain: it will not involve hundreds of black satin diamonds!

Images from Met Museum, Vogue - January 1967,,,, and


Small Dose of Paul Rand Wisdom

I've been browsing some great sites on graphic design and designers lately, and I came across this great little film on Paul Rand. I absolutely love his aesthetic sense - so childlike, so simple, and yet clear and sophisticated. He didn't over-think things, but you can tell he thought about them a great deal. Everything was considered. 

His work also conveys a certain happiness - a joy in the design that is so rare. I just thought I'd share this bit of lovely inspiration with you...