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Happy July 4th!


Aptos - July 3,1938

Left to right: Nellie Angelbeck, Anita Angelbeck, Grace Angelbeck Orognen and Ida Angelbeck Haughey.

I'm at my parents home this weekend to enjoy the holiday. Last night, after a bit of wine with old friends, we found ourselves going through some boxes of old photos and I found this one which I'd never seen before.

I knew right away that it was my Grandma Ida with two of her three sisters and their mother, Nellie in the back. But even better than this gorgeous photo is the date - I turned it over and found "Aptos 7-3-38" written there. Amazing.

I love that they're all so cute and pretty and athletic, and being silly with each other on a hot day at the beach. My great-grandmother Nellie looks like she always does in photos: a little distant and quiet, amid the hub-bub of her daughters - even though all three of them were grown. My Granny, the eldest at right was 33, while Grace in the middle was 31, and Nini was about 27-28.


Bon Weekend!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone! This will be my first weekend off since April and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest! Bring on the heat!

This flag printed on an old dictionary page is from one of my favorite Etsy sellers - fauxkiss - of Portland, OR, who is selling this for just $12!