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Postcard: Atlantic City, 1946

Not only is this card postmarked from 1946, it also reads "June 22" - something I hadn't noticed until last night after I had already decided that this would be the postcard of the week. Amazing, eh? This is the classic multi-scene-within-the-letters postcard style that originated in the early part of the 20th century, and I must say it's a beauty! Why did they ever phase this out in favor of glossy photo cards? I prefer this so much more - it's dramatic, colorful, exciting, and gives you a little bit of everything, as well as a lesson on fonts and illustration.

Yes, everyone loves a "Greetings from..." postcard. They're right up there with the "Wish you were here" greetings and the many locales that term themselves "America's playground". But none of those postcard styles show this level of artistry.

I've never been to Atlantic City, but it sounds like it's the kind of place I would have loved back in its prime. A perfect slice of old-timey Americana...what else would it be with a postcard like this?


Postcard: Ocean City, NJ 1946

As we head into another seson of guidos courtesy of The Jersey Shore, I thought I'd share this charming postcard from Ocean City, NJ dated August, 1946. Apparently, this idyllic bit of Americana is the way the shore used to be... The image is in perfect shape, on a classic linen-textured cardstock. I especially love all of the tiny, colorful umbrellas on the beach. The writing is teeny tiny, so I've transcribed it below - a sweet insight into a little vacation in the early post-war days...How much do I love that they went to see Notorious?

Dear Florence - We are very happy this morning to see a warm sun and anticipate spending the day on the beach. Yesterday was fair but too cool for us on the beach so we went to Atlantic City about 10 miles and did the boardwalk. I much prefer this place to Atlantic City. There are many nice eating places here and the food wonderful. Movies and a music hall which plays very light music is the only evening entertainment for us. Of course there is dancing, shuffle board, and ____ games along the boardwalk such as you see at fairs and carnivals. We've see 3 good movies, "Claudia & David" in the Apollo Theatre on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, "Till the End of Time" & "Notorious" on the boardwalk here. Of course we've done all the linen and other shops along the boardwalk. Shopped downtown one morning and they had nylon and rayon here as any as you wanted. On the B.W. one can buy marshmallows in 1/2 lb boxes as many as you like. We're sitting on the boardwalk waiting to eat lunch - combining breakfast and lunch then we'll get into swim suits. Love Eleanor