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Follow Peripatetic on Tumblr!

I've finally done it...I have a Tumblr up and running as a place to showcase all of those OTHER random images and moments that I love that may not be entirely appropriate or timely for Poetic & Chic. The name, is "Peripatetic", in keeping with the original lyrics of the song "One" from A Chorus Line, where I derived the name "Poetic & Chic".

"She walks into a room and you know she's uncommonly rare, very unique, peripatetic, poetic and chic..."

The word "peripatetic" is an adjective meaning "traveling from place to place, especially working or based in various places for relatively short periods." Noun synonyms include "wayfarer" or "traveler".

How very appropriate...n'est ce pas?

The content of Peripatetic will be just that: one thing today, another thing tomorrow. Thus far it's pretty vintage and elegant and wistful, but a few playful things are up there too. It's a lot of simple imagery with no text - I can say all I want to say over here. This is where words don't need to happen.

Please follow Peripatetic on Tumblr & enjoy!


Tintype Portrait from PhotoboothSF

There's a few reasons why I actually let myself get photographed at PhotoboothSF the other night.

1. I was with a lot of good friends who'd had their photos done and theirs were simply...beautiful. I loved the nuanced grays, the textures, and how the lighting blew out their usual coloring & features. It was them, but not them, and the change was incredibly interesting.

I was also really intrigued by the format - the tintype isn't exactly everywhere these days, and it was such a throw-back that I thought the portraits looked like something from a Ken Burns documentary...

Dear Mother -

The cab ride from The Marina took an eternity. Upon arriving in the Mission I was set upon by hipsters who plied me with a hand-rolled cigarette of sorts, which made everything even more confusing. Their faces were covered in hair, but their heads had none at all, which is why they covered them in baseball hats. The plaid was everywhere. So too, the Wayfarers. The night was dark and the corner we stood upon was active - there was music and laughter and I no longer knew or cared where I was after being absorbed by the general joie de vivre.

I didn't understand the cold touch of a metal can against my lips, nor the correct way to pronounce the word on it's side which was spelled "TECATE". I had forgotten that beer sometimes came in cans.

How did I get here? How do I get home? Are the ATMs safe on this side of town? Will a return taxi accept a credit card? Will you all remember me when I return? Or will I be so changed by these starving, hysterical, naked minds?

I send you my love...

2. It was a rough week. I deserved a fun night out, but I think I was still trying to shake off the mountain of stress I'd absorbed since the Sunday before. When Michael, the photographer, met me. He told me I looked intimidating. Me? Since when is that the read perfect strangers get from looking at me once?

He said "there's a lot of meanness around you." To which I replied, "well, there's been a lot of meanness coming at me this week."

"Well," he said, "it's time to give it back."

3. I was drunk. Yeah. For the first time in a very very long time. Normally I avoid cameras as much as possible, but I'd had just enough to drink to take the edge off of my fear. That, and Erin Dudley positively MacGuyvered me with the fastest hair and makeup session right before my turn. That girl has glamour to go in her little handbag...amazing.

Not that any of it mattered. I still look like a drunk crack whore. Or, as a friend said "it's a sexy mugshot"... Anne Sage of Rue Magazine said it looks like I was "picked up out of a flop house in the Haight in 1968..."

I'm not sure what was in my mind when I sat there trying to hold still for the full three-four seconds it takes to burn the image. I didn't feel angry or sad or any of the emotions that the image seems to convey, which, I suppose is what makes this type of portraiture so interesting. (That, and I think my necklace from Madewell provides a certain graphic texture that's really intriguing.) It's an intense moment - that camera is very close and it's a one-shot process, as opposed to our usual shoot & repeat of the modern, digital age. I had no idea that this "me" was the me that would come out...

It sort of looks like me, but it feels like this person is a stranger to me.


Bon Weekend!

Labokoff offers a gorgeous array of odd and colorful artwork on Etsy. A mix of photography and painting, the effect is dreamy but bright. The perfect mix! I love this luscious orange combined with a distant view of a beach full of people... so summery, yet surreal.

"Pole Orange" is available for $30 from Labokoff.


Bon Weekend!

"On the pleasant shore of the French Riviera, about half way between Marseilles and the Italian border, stands a large, proud, rose-colored hotel. Deferential palms cool its flushed facade, and before it stretches a short dazzling beach. Lately it has become a summer resort of notable and fashionable people; a decade ago it was almost deserted after its English clientele went north in April. Now, many bungalows cluster near it, but when this story begins only the cupolas of a dozen old villas rotted like water lilies among the massed pines between Gausse's Hôtel des Étrangers and Cannes, five miles away."

-F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the Night, 1933

Image: Bibi at the Eden Roc Hotel, 1920; Jacques Henri Lartigue


Bon Weekend!

Okay, so it's a little late, and I've been sparse on my Bon Weekend posts in general. I know this. The weekends have been coming up quickly and it's been hard to get everything ready on-time. But, this being a 3-day weekend I think I can still post today and be semi on-time.

I love lemons. When I was looking for images these caught my eye just because of their simple vibrancy. Lemons just make you happy! They also hold so much potential: baking, cocktails, pastas, salads... so many things can be made from this essential citrus. This image reminded me that I should probably go and cook something good...

Italian Lemons - available from City Wife Photography on Etsy for $20.


Bon Weekend!

This photo is from one of my favorites on Etsy - Honeytree, whom I know I've had on here before at some point. I just loved the soft focus and the combination of the lights and the classic San Francisco architecture.

This piece is called Let's Go Out, which I also think sets the perfect tone for the weekend!

Available on Etsy from Honeytree for $30.


P&C Questionnaire: SFGirlbyBay

When I started writing Poetic & Chic, one of the very first blogs that I followed avidly was SFGirlbyBay. Five years later, it still is! I am pleased as punch to welcome the lovely Victoria Smith to the P&C Questionnaire. A style, photography, and design non-pareil, Victoria is a true tastemaker, and is also just a genuinely kind person (sometimes hard to find these days!) who's always full of fun and inspiration to spare.

Ladies & gentlemen: Victoria Smith...

What is your occupation and how did you arrive at it?

I have a pretty varied background in the design industry, I'm a journalism major with an Advanced Arts degree in Interior Design. After a short stint working in interior design, I moved into advertising (really long story). Over the years, I worked my way up from a receptionist to Director of Creative Services and Art Buying, and then worked as a freelance art buyer producing photo shoots for advertising agencies and designers on accounts such as Condé Nast Publications, including home and shelter magazines Domino, Architectural Digest, and House & Garden.

I started the blog in June 2006, as just a hobby at first. I've always had a love of photography and interior design, as well as writing, and the blog seemed to encompass everything I was passionate about. I initially started the blog as a way to post photographs of my interiors in the hopes of being featured on one of Apartment Therapy's home tours, and fortunately I was selected. Their blog post on my home tour directed traffic to my blog, and one thing lead to another. I did both the blog and my full-time job for two years, and in May 2008, with enough savings and a stable, steady readership, I began getting advertisers on the blog, too, so I took a giant leap of faith and quit my advertising job.

Name three things that inspired you this week.

The work of stylist/photographer Pia Jane Bijkerk; Anna Dorfman at Door Sixteen - her blog is my favorite, because I love her candid, straight from the heart posts; I saw Tina Fey speak at City Arts & Lectures this week - she is very inspiring as a writer. She said "perfect is boring." I like that.

What is your personal style "uniform"?

If I'm blogging at home - it's usually leggings and these vintage French night shirts worn with a soft sweater and socks. I like to be cozy. If I'm going out, it's usually jeans, or black leggings, oxfords and worn with a black tunic and some funky jacket. I have a lot of vintage jackets & coats.

Name one type of clothing, shoes, or accessory that always makes you stop and stare, and explain why.

Hmmm, I always admire someone who can wear a great pair of worn in jeans with a stylish, pretty blouse and heels. I love the simplicity and contrast of that - boyish jeans with a feminine top.

Do you buy vintage? If so, what piece in your collection is your favorite?

I buy a lot of vintage. I have a faux fur leopard coat that is a big favorite of mine.

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong time? If so, what era would you like to have lived in and why?

I always feel like I was born at the wrong time. I think I'd have like to been an young adult in the 50-60's - I love the clothes women wore and how stylish and dressed up they got. Like Mad Men. Also, I'm really more of a homebody, and think I actually would have made a pretty amazing housewife. I think it's a respectable and very difficult job, that can be done with great panache and style.

What current trend do you like the most?

I'm not a huge follower of trends. In fashion, trends rarely look good on me. I stick with what I know works for me. Is the handmade/homesteading revolution a trend? If so, I like that a lot. I love the idea of people making their own clothes, preparing preserves, and jams, growing their own fruits & vegetables. See, I'm a housewife trapped in the body of a blogger.

What current trend (in your opinion) cannot disappear fast enough?

Kim Kardashian. Or anyone like her. I'm not sure what it is they do exactly besides being famous.

What film could you watch over and over and still find something inspiring? Why?

Amelié. I love how imaginative it is on so many levels, the cinematography, the characters, the set design - even the photo booth and the traveling gnome. It has great heart. I love everything about it and have watched it probably seen it 6 or 7 times.

If blogging didn't exist, how would you fill your extra time?

I'd go out on my bicycle with my camera every day and photograph the city, and people on the streets. I'd be like Bill Cunningham. Or maybe, I'd move to Europe and travel around living in different cities with my dog Lucy. It's a toss up. 

Image #2 by Pia Jane Bijerk; Image #7 from Amélie - 2001 by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, all other images courtesy of Victoria Smith & SFGirlbyBay on Flickr.


Bon Weekend!

I'm obsessed with this image from the TinyWhiteDaisies Tumblr. It looks like a modern Jack Vettriano painting - romantic, stormy, and wonderfully colorful. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the rain!


Bon Weekend!

It looks as though a touch of winter has returned to the Bay Area...the temperature is dropping and it's starting to get a little drippy outside. It's been a long, exciting week and all of the enthusiasm over yesterday's interview has my head literally spinning! (With wonder & gratitude, both!) Thanks everyone for popping by, and I hope you'll stay in P&C land for a while... Have a great (rest of the) weekend!!!

Dazzle by ElleMoss - $18 on Etsy.


Bon Weekend!

So sorry this is late! I have no excuse really, but I was on the hunt for something that wasn't my usual Bon Weekend image. Spoons are some of my favorite objects, especially vintage silver hotel spoons. I also love blue glass Ball jars, so I found this picture incredibly fresh-looking and chic. Maybe it's just me, but what's not to love?

Wednesday Afternoon II is available on Etsy for $25 from zigindesign.